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To support and help strengthen the work of advocates and organizers, the Hub is committed to providing and uplifting up-to-date research, reports, data, model policies, toolkits and other resources. We do this by searching for, categorizing, and making available existing resources from partner organizations and others working on issues related to policing. When needed, the Hub also produces its own research in collaboration with partners. This resource database is categorized, easy to search, and regularly updated by our research team.

If you would like to suggest a resource to be included in our database, please submit it here.

Resources that appear on the Community Resource Hub website are not necessarily supported or endorsed by the Hub. The resources that appear represent various different policies, toolkits, and data that have been presented to challenge issues relevant to safety, policing, and accountability.

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The Abolitionist Horizon: Building A World Without Police Or Prisons

DSA Emerge (DSA NYC)

A collection of information on the history of policing and abolition work in the US, as well as examples of what abolition looks like and answers to some commonly asked questions around abolition.

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#FreedomNow Action Toolkit

BlackOUT Collective

A toolkit that provides steps to design a powerful action around demilitarizing the police and police accountability in your community.

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Actions During the Time of Social Distancing

BlackOUT Collective

A 2-page action sheet detailing ways to engage in protest and advocacy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Whose Security is it Anyway?: A Toolkit to Address Institutional Violence in Nonprofit Organizations

Project NIA

Institutional violence within community centers, healthcare organizations, and social services, in concert with the “helping” industry’s increasing collusion with and reliance on law enforcement, fuels the prison pipeline. In response to pervasive institutional violence and increasing policing, surveillance, and targeting of queer and TGNB (trans and gender non-binary) youth of color, street-based youth, and youth experiencing homelessness, Project NIA created a toolkit to share strategies of resistance to the increased securitization of non-profit spaces.

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Relax, Relate, Release: Meditations for the Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Revolution + Reflection and Resource Guide

Jana Smith

Relax, Relate, Release: Meditations for the Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Revolution is a meditation project by Jana Smith that includes various themed audio tracks featuring empowering messages from Angela Davis, Dr. Maya Angelou, Lena Horne, Tabitha Brown, Nina Simone, Denzel Washington, and many others over soothing soundscapes. This project also includes a community-curated reflection/resource guide. (Meditation transcripts are included in the guidebook for persons who are deaf/hearing impaired.)

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How to Grow Abolition on Your Campus: 8 Actions

Critical Resistance

Current movements to end policing are happening in tandem with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought into sharp focus the everyday public health crises of racism, poverty, and incarceration. To build abolition, this toolkit lists strategies and actions that students and educators can take up on campuses. This list is not detailed or exhaustive. Many of these ideas and practices are already in motion! The following highlights work that communities are doing, to generate more ideas, and to deepen existing movements.

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Defund Police Rebuild Our Communities Toolkit

Dream Defenders

There’s a shift happening right now. The call to defund police is louder than we’ve ever heard it. We can all answer that call and reshape what our communities look like. We made a toolkit to help you map what you can do in your cities. From Florida with Love, The Dream Defenders.

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Abolish the NYPD Toolkit

Abolish the NYPD

A compilation of resources, information, and actions on defunding (and abolishing) the NYPD, including ways to contact your representatives, get involved in organizing work, and learn about the city budget.

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#DefundPolice Toolkit

Interrupting Criminalization

Created by the Interrupting Criminalization Initiative (a member of the Movement for Black Lives), this is a toolkit designed to advance a long term vision of abolition of police through divestment from policing as a practice, dismantling policing institutions, and building community-based responses to harm, need, and conflict that do not rely on surveillance, policing and punishment.

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