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COVID-19: For more up-to-date information on policing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our News section.

To support and help strengthen the work of advocates and organizers, the Hub is committed to providing and uplifting up-to-date research, reports, data, model policies, toolkits and other resources. We do this by searching for, categorizing, and making available existing resources from partner organizations and others working on issues related to policing. When needed, the Hub also produces its own research in collaboration with partners. This resource database is categorized, easy to search, and regularly updated by our research team.

If you would like to suggest a resource to be included in our database, please submit it here.

Resources that appear on the Community Resource Hub website are not necessarily supported or endorsed by the Hub. The resources that appear represent various different policies, toolkits, and data that have been presented to challenge issues relevant to safety, policing, and accountability.

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COVID-19 Surveillance Tracker

Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, Inc. at the Urban Justice Center

A collection of resources from STOP NYC to help guide difficult decisions on how to balance the need for both public health and personal privacy during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes efforts to critically evaluate the efficacy of monitoring and enforcement, and loudly advocating for the preservation of civil liberties.

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Whose Security is it Anyway?: A Toolkit to Address Institutional Violence in Nonprofit Organizations

Project NIA

Institutional violence within community centers, healthcare organizations, and social services, in concert with the “helping” industry’s increasing collusion with and reliance on law enforcement, fuels the prison pipeline. In response to pervasive institutional violence and increasing policing, surveillance, and targeting of queer and TGNB (trans and gender non-binary) youth of color, street-based youth, and youth experiencing homelessness, Project NIA created a toolkit to share strategies of resistance to the increased securitization of non-profit spaces.

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Police State & Surveillance of Blackness in time of COVID

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

A discussion with Professor Simone Browne, an educator and author of Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness and We Like to Watch: Race and Sociology of Surveillance; and Pete White, Executive Director – Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN).

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Policing in a Time of Pandemic: Recommendations for Law Enforcement

Georgetown Law Innovative Policing Program

This white paper notes the novel law enforcement challenges created by COVID-19 and describes the different approach police must take. Traditional law enforcement practices such as stops, searches, and arrests currently create a substantial risk of infection for police, suspects and community members alike. This paper concludes that until stay-at-home and social distancing orders have been lifted, law enforcement agencies should suspend enforcement measures requiring close proximity or physical contact between law enforcement personnel and members of the public, except in cases where the failure to stop, search, or arrest a suspect creates an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury to police officers or others.

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Police State, Race & Public Health in time of COVID

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

A discussion with Professor Dorothy Roberts, an acclaimed scholar of race, gender, and the law. Her work focuses on health, social justice, and bioethics as they impact the lives of women, children and the Black community; Professor Bita Amani, Ph.D., M.H.S from Charles Drew University and Co-Chair, COVID-19 Task force on Racism and Equity at UCLA; and Jamie Garcia R.N., BSN and organizer with Stop LAPD Spying Coalition. This discussion will address questions and concerns such as 1) how does race get disguised as a biological category versus a political one?, 2) how is racial science programmed to “reconfigure” race rather than abandon it. And what it means in time of Covid-19?, and 3) how do “immunity passports” figure in the current scheme of surveillance and contact tracing?

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Police State & Culture of Resistance in time of COVID

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

The coalition discusses the continuing fight to dismantle Data Driven Policing. This webinar includes the sharing of strategies and tactics to build community power that led to the shutting down of LAPD Predictive Policing programs – LASER and Predpol. Join in the grassroot knowledge exchange to continue building collective power in the journey toward the abolition of policing.

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Police State, Community Health, and Contact Tracing in Time of COVID

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

A discussion with Professor Bita Amani from Charles Drew University and Co-Chair, COVID-19 Task force on Racism and Equity at UCLA; Pete White from LA CAN; and Jamie Garcia from Stop LAPD Spying Coalition to address questions and concerns such as 1) what is the disproportionate impact of COVID on Black, Brown, and poor communities?, 2) what are the various “road maps to recovery” being proposed?, and 3) what is Contact Tracing, what type of public health surveillance apparatus is being proposed, what’s our defense?

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Who’s Behind ICE? The Tech Companies Fueling Deportations


Technology companies are working with ICE to increase arrests, detentions, and deportations. Mijente, Immigrant Defense Project, and National Immigration Project worked with Empower LLC to create this report exposing how tech is fueling the current deportation crisis. Learn more and join us to demand #notechforICE

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The War Against Immigrants: Trumps Tech Tools Powered by Palantir


This report delves into great detail about these lucrative contracts and the web of insider connections bankrolling Palantir, in particular, the private data firm at the center of ICE operations. This is a disturbing reality that has largely evaded public scrutiny until now.

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