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To support and help strengthen the work of advocates and organizers, the Hub is committed to providing and uplifting up-to-date research, reports, data, model policies, toolkits and other resources. We do this by searching for, categorizing, and making available existing resources from partner organizations and others working on issues related to policing. When needed, the Hub also produces its own research in collaboration with partners. This resource database is categorized, easy to search, and regularly updated by our research team.

If you would like to suggest a resource to be included in our database, please submit it here.

Resources that appear on the Community Resource Hub website are not necessarily supported or endorsed by the Hub. The resources that appear represent various different policies, toolkits, and data that have been presented to challenge issues relevant to safety, policing, and accountability.

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Facial Recognition Technology Regulation: A Practical Guide for Congress

Open the Government

New policies and research suggest there is increasing need to establish protections for facial recognition technology – San Francisco, Somerville, Massachusetts and Oakland have banned government agencies from adopting the technology amid widespread concerns about threats to civil rights and liberties. Compounding these concerns is the quiet adoption of facial recognition technology as a surveillance tool to secretly monitor citizens and non-citizens alike. This policy guide will allow Congress to check the growth of facial recognition technology on a national scale, before the technology becomes too ubiquitous to rein in. This is an opportunity for Congress to develop effective legislation that protects civil liberties and strengthens accountability.

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Regional Gang Intelligence Database – Chicago

Erase the Database

This memo provides a review of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office’s (CCSO) Regional Gang Intelligence Database (RGID), which was decommissioned on January 15, 2019. It highlights CCSO policies and procedures for the gang database as well as its data-sharing agreements.

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False Confessions & Recording of Custodial Interrogations

Innocence Project

This is a brief collection of information on how and why false confessions occur and why instituting policies of recording interrogations can help protect individuals being interrogated. It also highlights states and federal agencies that already have this policy in place.

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Blueprint for a Safer and More Just America

The Justice Collaborative

This blueprint, developed by TJC’s attorneys and criminal justice policy experts, outlines concrete steps to address the country’s mass incarceration crisis and provides actionable solutions to creating a fairer and more equitable justice system.

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Towards the Abolition of Imprisonment: Dismantling Jails

Critical Resistance

A resource that gives an overview of the negative consequences of jails and prisons, examples of reforms that can perpetuate those negative consequences, and puts forth policy and advocacy recommendations for alternatives to reliance on imprisonment.

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Youth Educating Police (YEP) Policy Recommendations

Youth Educating Police (YEP)

Youth Educating Police strives to be a valued source in the community for incitng change and building stronger bonds between not only youth but also our adult counterparts. This is a list of policy recommendations at the local Portland level, the Oregon state level, and the national level.

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Check the Police: Police Union Contract Review

Campaign Zero

The Campaign Zero team reviewed police union contracts of 81 of America’s 100 largest cities and police bill of rights in all 15 states with such legislation to identify the ways in which these policies make it more difficult to hold police accountable. This resource includes a report and an interactive chart to learn more about contract stipulations in each state.

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First We Abolish ICE: A Manifesto for Immigrant Liberation

California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance

This document provides policy recommendations for addressing harm caused by ICE on immigrant communities. A manifesto for all those who dare dream and fight for a world without cages, without borders, and for the liberation for all exploited peoples on this earth.

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Police Department Model Policy on Interactions with Transgender People

National Center for Transgender Equality

For each topic covered in the companion report, model policies are provided that can and should be adopted by police departments in collaboration with transgender leaders in their communities.

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