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To support and help strengthen the work of advocates and organizers, the Hub is committed to providing and uplifting up-to-date research, reports, data, model policies, toolkits and other resources. We do this by searching for, categorizing, and making available existing resources from partner organizations and others working on issues related to policing. When needed, the Hub also produces its own research in collaboration with partners. This resource database is categorized, easy to search, and regularly updated by our research team.

If you would like to suggest a resource to be included in our database, please submit it here.

Resources that appear on the Community Resource Hub website are not necessarily supported or endorsed by the Hub. The resources that appear represent various different policies, toolkits, and data that have been presented to challenge issues relevant to safety, policing, and accountability.

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A Citizen’s Guide to America’s Forever Wars and the Secrecy that Sustains Them

Open the Government

This guide provides an overview of the expansion of U.S. wars since 2001 and the systemic secrecy helping shield them from public view. It also includes a section on militarization of the police in the US (pp. 15-16).

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Surveillance Policy Making by Procurement

Catherine Crump (University of California, Berkeley, School of Law)

In an age of heightened concern about the militarization of local police and surveillance technology, how do local law enforcement agencies obtain cutting edge and potentially intrusive surveillance equipment without elected leaders and the general public realizing it? The answer lies in the process of federal procurement, through which the federal government, often in the name of combatting terrorism, funnels billions of dollars to local law enforcement agencies that can then be used to purchase surveillance equipment. This report is the first to comprehensively consider the intersection of procurement and local surveillance policy making. Using case studies from Seattle, Oakland, and San Diego, it exposes the practice of surveillance policy making by procurement.

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Reform/Transform: An Investigation of Policing in 12 Cities

Local Progress

Over the course of 2019, Local Progress engaged local elected officials and community leaders in a range of communities to evaluate their localities’ policing practices using the Reform/Transform toolkit. Those evaluations have produced the first results of the Reform/Transform toolkit in 12 cities: Chicago, Dallas, Durham, Louisville, Madison, Minneapolis, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.

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Deadly Exchange: The Dangerous Consequences of US-Israel Law Enforcement Exchanges

Researching the American Israeli Alliance (RAIA)

This report comprehensively documents how US-Israel law enforcement trainings solidify partnerships between the U.S. and Israeli governments to exchange methods of state violence and control, including mass surveillance, racial profiling, and suppression of protest and dissent. Produced by Researching the American Israeli Alliance (RAIA) in partnership with Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), the report is the result of dozens of FOIAs yielding hundreds of documents, exclusive interviews with American and Israeli personnel, and exhaustive academic and media research in English, Arabic and Hebrew. Accompanying the report, RAIA released the Palestine is Here Database, a search engine mapping Israeli trainings of US law enforcement across American cities and towns.

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Adam Ruins Cops

Adam Ruins Everything

Adam polices the truth behind the overuse of SWAT Teams, illustrates how using school officers can create a pipeline for prisons, and examines the origins and intended purpose of police officers.

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Radical Imagination – Police Abolition

Policy Link

As cases of police abuse and misconduct gain attention, activists have moved beyond calls for reform to advocate for the abolition of police. It’s a controversial and widely misunderstood idea. How would police abolition work, exactly? How would we protect public safety? Radical Imagination host Angela Glover Blackwell explores these questions with humanitarian hip-hop artist Jessica Disu, a.k.a. FM Supreme, who has publicly called for police abolition. And we hear from Rachel Herzing, co-director of the Center for Political Education in Oakland, California, about the racialized history of policing and innovative community-driven alternatives for public safety.

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Police Brutality Against Women of Color & Trans People of Color: An Organizer’s Resource and Tool Kit


An organizer’s toolkit from INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, a national activist organization of radical feminists of color advancing a movement to end violence against women of color and their communities through direct action, critical dialogue and grassroots organizing.

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Police Brutality Against Women of Color & Trans People of Color: A Critical Intersection of Gender Violence & State Violence


Learn more about how law enforcement violence is both raced and gendered and how to organize for safety in our communities with this fold-up poster from INCITE!

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Organizing for Freedom Cities, Building for Liberation

Freedom Cities

This toolkit is a starting place for the Freedom Cities movement to collectively answer the question: As we demand an end to the municipal policies and practices that harm us, what vision are we offering in its place that unites and builds the leadership of all marginalized communities?

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