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To support and help strengthen the work of advocates and organizers, the Hub is committed to providing and uplifting up-to-date research, reports, data, model policies, toolkits and other resources. We do this by searching for, categorizing, and making available existing resources from partner organizations and others working on issues related to policing. When needed, the Hub also produces its own research in collaboration with partners. This resource database is categorized, easy to search, and regularly updated by our research team.

If you would like to suggest a resource to be included in our database, please submit it here.

Resources that appear on the Community Resource Hub website are not necessarily supported or endorsed by the Hub. The resources that appear represent various different policies, toolkits, and data that have been presented to challenge issues relevant to safety, policing, and accountability.

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HEARD Police Violence & Discrimination Against Deaf People

Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities (HEARD)

This list is by no means comprehensive. It was compiled by the volunteers at HEARD over a span of several years and last updated in June 2020. HEARD has been working tirelessly to bring an end police brutality against deaf/disabled people. HEARD created this English & Spanish Log of Police Violence Against Deaf People, and we are looking to collect more stories of police brutality against deaf/disabled people. If you want to add your or another person story to this list, please email us at

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Racial Disparities In Stops By the DC Metropolitan Police Department: Review of Five Months of Data


This report, based on an analysis of data collected by D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), found that Black people (46.5% of the D.C. population) composed 72% of the people stopped by police. Researchers also found that 88.6% of the youth under 18 who were stopped were Black. The data reveal concerning trends suggesting that these disparities may arise from racial bias.

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Database for Police Abolition

Database for Police Abolition (d4pa)

The Database for Police Abolition (D4PA) is a database-in-progress tracking proposals under consideration by decision-makers that would: 1) Defund and disarm police departments, 2) Diminish the role of policing in communities, and 3) Empower alternative visions for public safety. The proposals are compatible with a view “towards the horizon of abolition,” and avoid contributing to the legitimacy of policing as an institution for community safety.

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Police Budget Breakdown

Action Center on Race & the Economy

A data visualization tool to see the percentage of city budgets spent on policing in 300 of the largest cities in the US. Data is drawn from annual spending per latest available approved budget and linked back to sources.

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Resistance Resource Hub

Teens Resist

A living compilation of resources and data around police funding, legislators that receive money from police PACs, mutual aid and places to donate, legal aid, and more.

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COVID-19 Resources for Police and Communities

NYU School of Law Policing Project

Two sets of guidance addressing law enforcement’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These documents follow early reports from New York and other cities that raised concerns of uneven, sometimes discriminatory enforcement, and confusion about how to reach isolated and vulnerable groups. Vetted with community organizers, academic experts, and law enforcement officials, this COVID-19 guidance compiles best practices for state, municipal, and policing leaders as they navigate this ongoing public health emergency.

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Racial Disparities in NYPD’s COVID-19 Policing: Unequal Enforcement of 311 Social Distancing Calls

The Legal Aid Society

To better understand the disproportionate impacts of the NYPD’s COVID-19 related enforcement, the Legal Aid Society analyzed social distancing complaints made through 311 between March 28 and May 12, COVID-19 related summonses reported by the NYPD between March 16 and May 5, and internally-tracked COVID-19 related arrests that took place between March 27 and May 2.

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Who’s Behind ICE? The Tech Companies Fueling Deportations


Technology companies are working with ICE to increase arrests, detentions, and deportations. Mijente, Immigrant Defense Project, and National Immigration Project worked with Empower LLC to create this report exposing how tech is fueling the current deportation crisis. Learn more and join us to demand #notechforICE

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The War Against Immigrants: Trumps Tech Tools Powered by Palantir


This report delves into great detail about these lucrative contracts and the web of insider connections bankrolling Palantir, in particular, the private data firm at the center of ICE operations. This is a disturbing reality that has largely evaded public scrutiny until now.

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