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Whose Security is it Anyway?: A Toolkit to Address Institutional Violence in Nonprofit Organizations

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Project NIA

  • Chicago, IL

Institutional violence within community centers, healthcare organizations, and social services, in concert with the “helping” industry’s increasing collusion with and reliance on law enforcement, fuels the prison pipeline. In response to pervasive institutional violence and increasing policing, surveillance, and targeting of queer and TGNB (trans and gender non-binary) youth of color, street-based youth, and youth experiencing homelessness, Project NIA created a toolkit to share strategies of resistance to the increased securitization of non-profit spaces.

This toolkit contains an overview of:

  • The Cost of Security, Surveillance, & Policing in Youth Serving Organizations, Social Services, & Health Care
  • Why Policing Fails as a Strategy to End Violence
  • Intersecting Approaches to Interrupt, Prevent, & Transform Violence: Community Healing, Accountability, Capacity, & Transformation at the Broadway Youth Center
  • Street Youth Rise Up Campaign: Broadway Youth Center & the Street Youth Bill of Rights
  • The Case for Resource Re-Allocation: Assessing Costs, Limitations & Impact of Onsite Security
  • Top Ten Ways Young People Can Reduce the Harms Committed by Security Guards
  • Staff Training, Practicing, & Reflecting


Access the full toolkit and learn more here.

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